Based in Washington State, Patricia Herlevi writes both fiction and non-fiction. With fiction she prefers to stay on the lighter side, diving into magical realism and romantic comedy. She has also penned speculative fiction novels. Currently, she has three workable novels (Super-Nature Heroes, Agnes & Yves (ma vie en Bleu), Love Quadrangle, and she completed her fifth, Enter 5-D (a quantum fiction twist on the Orpheus & Eurydice myth).

She is currently working on her first YA novel revolving around a medieval African Queen channeled by a hippie mother.

Her non-fiction work, besides journalism, includes a metaphysical gaze at music consciousness, Whole Music, and a memoir, Woman Sleeping on the Couch.

She has her feelers out for a superhero literary agents and a publisher willing to think way outside of the box (for fiction at this point).

Contact: patriciacrowherlevi at

Linked In

YouTube Channels (Patricia Herlevi and Astrologer Patricia)

Word Press (Pacific NW Author and Metaphysics 4 Everyday Living)

Also check out: Reflections of Western Washington published by History Press


Has attended the Chuckanut Writers Conference and Write on the Sound Conference.

Contact Patricia at patriciacrowherlevi @

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