Lately, Queen Keita (YA Novel)

ballet girl



Maggie felt trapped in a world of ballerinas. Not only did she tolerate the snarky Primas (a group of entitled dance students), she also discovered that her new age hippie mother channeled a queen from ancient Africa.

But one day, the queen transformed Maggie’s destiny by introducing her to another reality and a bit of magic.


Longer version

High school senior Maggie Denis dreams of becoming a famous ballet dancer. However, the Primas (a group of snobby dancers at the art academy), edge Maggie out of the juicy roles.

That fate changes after Maggie discovers her hippie mother channeling a medieval African queen who believes in Maggie’s dance talents. With a bit of ancient magic and West African dance grooves Maggie discovers an expansive dance world that exist beyond her imagination. She says goodbye to ballet and bonjour to Mama Africa.

(Also note that a production of The Lion King is woven into this YA novel).


265 pages

Mystical Realism and Humor

Keywords: Ballet dancers, West African dancers, ancient African queens, anorexia, gay dancers, The Lion King, African drumming, alternative high schools, spiritual channeling, new age spirituality, humor,