Unintended Writer’s Sabbatical


By now, I would have completed the edit for my 5th novel had things turned out differently. As it is, I’m wondering about writing a sequel to Woman Sleeping on a Couch (my memoir), but my current experience is less dramatic than my first, and actually in an odd way, pleasant.

Unfortunately, with all my bouncing around to temporary homes, I haven’t had time to write. Oddly, I completed the rough draft for Enter 5-D, an urban fantasy while I was staying at a temporary apartment in September. It’s funny because I wanted to go on a writer’s retreat and in a way I have, though without the writing.

I stayed in vacation cottages in Birch Bay, Washington and I went on a weekend meditation retreat at a Buddhist center near Mount Baker. And while I shouldn’task for patronage, I would love patrons to sign up with my Patreon page and pledge.

http://www.patreon.com/BelleAuthor Who knows, you might help me land in a permanent home too.