Tofu Girl and the Foster Dog (That Rescued Her)

Sobaka, German Short Haired Pointer, 2019


Are you the right publisher for my Memoir?

Often when the person rescues a dog, the dog ends up rescuing the human.

Fostering a German shorthair pointer led me to write my third non-fiction book and second memoir. For nearly two years, I played the role of Miss-Fix-It in my family after I was homeless and landed at my parents’ house again. After encountering my brother’s dog suffering from neglect which led to morbid obesity and anxiety, I made the choice to heal the dog by re-socializing him and placing him on a diet. At first, I thought I would find a new home and take Sobaka with me but fate had other plans. I began writing this memoir on the day I handed Sobaka’s leash to his new parents.

Tofu Girl is just as much a healing journey for a companion dog and me as it is a treaty for adopting and fostering unwanted dogs. Anyone who hails from a dysfunctional family will relate to my story of loss, forgiveness, redemption, and transformation.