Super-Nature Heroes

St. Francis 4

Super-Nature Heroes

Magical Realism/Comedy/Metaphysical

Former saints and avatars return to save the planet, only they have to heal themselves first.

Since my writing skills have improved tremendously from writing this debut novel, I will be rewriting it, hopefully in 2022. Having said that, it’s not bad for a debut novel written by someone without a BA in English or a Masters in Creative Writing. The story told in fragments has good bones. And it’s hysterical. I enjoyed writing the novel.

In this metaphysical comedy, super-nature heroes reincarnate in Manhattan to save the planet. Jesus Christ returns as a Bob Marley lookalike with an attitude. His wife, Magdalene and his virginal mother run healing arts clinics, while veterinarian-animal advocate Francesco of Assisi and his soul mate Clare run an animal rescue clinic as they promote a “No Animal Left Behind” campaign. Meanwhile, Anthony, Patron Saint of Lost Objects and Catherine of Alexandria try their hand at dating while Teresa of Àvila and Teresa of Lisieux who chose to return as Siamese cats, now seek the help of Simon Magus to transform them back into nuns, before two Jack Russell terriers devour them. Francesco and martyr Jeanne of Arc illegally marry, but with Jeanne’s old flames turning up at the worst of times, the marriage impatiently waits for consummation.

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