Whole Music


One woman’s journey around the globe via music and a pair of headphones.

Whole Music (Soul Food for the Mind Body Spirit)

Represented by Lisa Hagan Literary Agent

Become the musical master of your life with whole music…

Equal parts music memoir, music research, and new age self-help, Whole Music (Soul Food for the Mind-Body-Spirit) forges new territory by combining the tenets of music culture with quantum physics and then takes it into the self-healing realm. Author Patricia Herlevi asks in this book, “What if every cell in your body is listening to the music you play? What if listening and playing music mindfully leads to greater health? And what if specifically-designed music heals anxiety in humans and animals?”

Whole Music transports the reader around the globe with its beauty and intelligent, descriptive, in-depth analysis of the world’s music. Herlevi explores healing music traditions and practices that we can tap into here and now, for greater well-being. She shares her perspective as a self-taught musician and music researcher. And she offers simple exercises for her readers to develop musical mindfulness and greater consciousness for everyday living.

Through interviews with R. Carlos Nakai, David Rothenberg, Jonathan Goldman, Marta Topferova, Jovino Santos Neto, Samite, Värttinä, Mary Youngblood, Ruth Cunningham (Anonymous 4), Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, and her own healing journey through music, Herlevi delights and enlightens when exploring a musical earth and the players upon it.



The original publishers of Whole Music failed to remove the book from Amazon and the book contains errors and is poorly edited. Please wait until the book is republished by a reputable publisher. Thank you.

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