Holding Out for the Cinderella Ending

Queen Anne tub, 1995

I thought I had completed my memoir, Woman Sleeping on the Couch last spring, but with a recent turn-of-events, I still have one last chapter to write. And I’m hoping for a Cinderella type ending.

At the beginning of August, my landlord gave me 30 days to vacate my current home. This home was never meant to be permanent but a jumping off point to my dream home. I have dealt with spiders, mold, and other irritations for the past several months, but at the same time I was grateful to live in the Sunnyland neighborhood of Bellingham.

Given my experiences from last fall, mainly dealing with narcissists and their ensuing drama as I couch surfed, I went into panic mode at the beginning of August thinking that I would have to experience the in between home scenarios once again. But then something miraculous happened and a friend hooked me up with a channeled session, much like the Abraham-Hicks work and I began uncovering my blocks by transmuting fear and despair into anger that burned through all the lies I had been taught since childhood. I let go of defenses and allowed myself to dream big.

So with a few days left to manifest my dream home (something I hadn’t even considered prior to doing Louise Hay’s affirmations and this clearing work), I see myself walking into a counter intuitive situation and living in a beautiful home for free by exchanging creative services (interior decorating, photography, etc). It can be done and when this dream home manifests, I’ll complete my memoir and begin another round of pitches.

Progress for Enter 5-D

elephant (2)

I’m still plugging away at my 5th novel Enter 5-D which is basically an ascension story featuring ancient Greek gods and characters set in contemporary Seattle. I’m calling it magic realism, but really it falls into urban fantasy light. I also think of the novel as a Harry Potter for adults due to the romantic elements.

I would like to say this is my first time at writing spec fiction, but in 2005, I began writing another novel in this vein, Super-Nature Heroes that featured ancient saints and holy people with the story set in modern Manhattan. You can find the synopsis in the tabs above.

Since the planet is shifting and since I am a metaphysical practitioner it seems fitting that I write metaphysical novels on the lighter side. I even poke fun at Pluto and Hades. While I find the novel entertaining thus far and I promise a snappy ending no one will forget any time soon, I embed sacred geometry and spiritual messages to awaken readers.

The due date for the rough draft is October 4 or thereabouts. At that time, I will look for beta readers and take a month break from the novel. Then I will go back and do rewrites and edits. In the meantime, I still accepting patrons for funding on Patreon. I encourage you to support this future best-selling novel. Your name will appear in the acknowledgements. And depending on how many people support the novel on Patreon, I’ll send you a signed copy of the book upon publication. I can do up to 10 of those.

Signed with Literary Agent Lisa Hagan for Whole Music


I’m honored and proud to announce that Literary Agent Lisa Hagan is representing my non-fiction book, Whole Mu

sic (Soul Food for the Mind Body Spirit). See the Whole Music tab for a book description.

Since coming up with the concept for the book in 2005, and the subsequent music research since the conception of the book idea, I have thought of Whole Music as a game-changer for the music industry by bringing the healing power and consciousness of music to the masses.

If you enjoy learning about music consciousness, visit Whole Music Experience too.