Write It–Five Truths About a Successful Writing Career

DSCN3909Although many writers or emerging authors feel that they live at the mercy of the book publishing industry, they don’t. Creative people with good imagination skills also have powerful manifestation skills. This means, that if you remove unconscious blocks to success such as negative beliefs about not deserving success and if you visualize the outcome you desire, you manifest a book deal.

And if you stop believing in limitations such as there are only enough agents to go around, then you won’t manifest your desires. Writing a novel is a creative act. You once thought about the writing the novel. Then you researched your characters and themes. Then you wrote a rough draft and then you wrote your final draft. And all of this, you imagined first. If you can manifest a novel, you can manifest a publisher. Though it might not happen overnight.

And then, we need to develop our craft. Divine Timing helps us along this path and brings the right people to us at the right time. For some novelists, the journey between writing the first draft and publishing a novel is ten or more years. Others experience serendipity and end up publishing a novel they never considered writing at all. And while this leaves you scratching your head in puzzlement and envy, these writers posed no resistance to the manifestation. Sure, it looks like pure magic and in a way, it is.

So here are 5 Truths about Succeeding as a Novelist:

  1. Manifestation is an inside job. Instead of trying to align with movers and shakers in the publishing world, align with your manifestation in your inner world.
  2. Divine Timing is everything. Many writers, including me, tried to publish manuscripts prematurely. And thankfully, these manuscripts were rejected because had they been published, the critics would have devoured us.
  3. If you’re only writing a novel to make money from a publishing contract, then you’re on the wrong path. Writing is a journey of self-discovery.
  4. If you only think about what you’ll get out of a publishing deal and don’t care about your readers, then eventually you will fail.
  5. Rejection does not mean you lack talent. It just means, that you either need to return to the drawing board and make improvements or the readership for your book does not exist yet. Never give up unless you’re writing for the wrong reasons.

If you’re wondering why an unpublished author is giving you coaching, it’s because I’ve learned some challenging lessons on my writing path. This type of wisdom is just as valuable as wisdom from famous authors. And you too have nuggets of wisdom to share that you learned on your writing journey.