The Art of Love

Feature Screenplay

Romantic Comedy with Overlapping Stories

Vancouver 2002

His name might be Gabriel, but he’s no angel…

Meet LUCIA DENIS, an elegant Quebecois muse obsessed with artists sporting angelic names. After several years of being dumped by artists that have achieved worldly success, Lucia relocates to Vancouver where she hopes to strike gold. After encountering middle age Art Professor Gabriel, Lucia equates Gabriel’s lack of success in the art world with a stable partnership, but the demon-in-disguise gives Lucia a cosmic makeover while repainting her life. As the wheels of fate turn, the muse-turned-artist Lucia plays her final card.

Meet GABRIEL ANTONIO FIGUEROA, a Spanish expatriate who relocated to Canada with his family to escape the Franco dictatorship and spent many years suffering for his art. Now, quickly approaching middle age with little success to show for his efforts, the mediocre artist, Gabriel has grown bitter towards his upper class competition. Enters Lucia–an upper class dilettante-muse with loads of artistic talent coupled with an inferiority complex. After realizing that Lucia will not bring him good fortune, Gabriel abandons her and begins a tentative affair with the scheming ingenue Veronika. Enraptured by the aspiring actress, Gabriel gives love a chance despite an awkward age difference and an imposing danger to his professional life.

Meet VERONIKA FOX, an aspiring-actress-slash-radio-show-host who experiences premonitions about her future lover-Gabriel. With a bit of magic, good fortune and lots of patience, Veronika finally encounters Gabriel in the flesh only to discover that he’s not the angel she envisioned. Through faith and persistence Veronika tosses out her punk persona in favor of sleek elegance. Then with her new image intact, Veronika snags Gabriel. In her professional life she graduates from ingènue to leading lady. With her glowing success intact, Veronika reconsiders her relationship with Gabriel.

Set in Vancouver and Montreal, Art of Love tells a universal story that takes place in the past, present and future; features Canadian characters caught in the throes of love and transformation.   The story is structured in three acts with each act representing each of the characters’ perspective as they evolve spiritually, artistically or not at all. This metaphysical comedy triptych focuses on the alchemical process ignited through kismet encounters.

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