Agnes & Yves


Agnes & Yves

Ma Vie en Bleu

Romantic Comic Novel

She loathes everything French, including French toast, French fries and especially Pepè le Pew. Agnes Cass, a Francophobe arts journalist resides in San Francisco. Her initiation into French art occurs when the editor of Art World assigns her to cover French expatriate painters. Watching every French stereotype come to life before her eyes, Agnes exposes the sexual exploits of the French artists. Meanwhile, she falls in love with a flamenco guitarist on tour. As her life grows more intolerable she decides to escape to Spain. Destined for Barcelona and a steamy romance with an unsuspecting Spanish suitor, Agnes’ plan derails when her plane is grounded in Paris during a transportation strike.

She encounters Yves Gervais, a Picasso-obsessed painter going through a “Blue Period”. His muse-turned-tyrant Anne-Marie launches a makeover plan for him that involves a real job, marriage and children. The more Anne-Marie insists on having things her way, the more Yves regresses into childish behavior, seeking his freedom to paint above all else. Meanwhile, an art collector takes an interest in Yves’ future work and the painter grows desperate without a model.   When push comes to shove, he breaks it off with Anne-Marie and woos Agnes. After an embarrassing incident in a traditional Parisian restaurant, Yves’ persistence pays off and Agnes models for him—an odalisque for the patron. However, Anne-Marie returns and destroys the painting, and just as the strike ends, Agnes makes a mad dash to the airport. Will Yves arrive at the airport on time? And will Agnes heal her “Franco-phobia”?

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