Woman Sleeping on the Couch

One Couch away from a Dream Home…

Memoir: What would you do if you found yourself with two days to relocate to a new home and no prospects in sight? What would you do if you needed to find housing in a city with an apartment vacancy rate of only 1.3 percent with most of that going to college students? What would you do if you had further challenges in the form of health conditions? And what would you do if you did not have family or friends to fall back on?

Journalist-turned-Metaphysical-Practitioner, Patricia Herlevi found herself living between homes the fall of 2014 in Bellingham, Washington. Her search for an eco-friendly home during the city’s housing crunch led to some extraordinary frustrating couch-surfing, house-sitting and hotel-hopping experiences. A string of disappointing house leads found mainly through Craig’s List and a neighborhood e-newsletter, add both humor and pathos to this memoir.

In addition, Patricia had no car, no cell phone, and is recovering from multiple chemical sensitivities which she acquired at the age of 28 when she was a rock musician in Seattle. Told in parallel stories–living with MCS and the quest for a dream home using the Law of Attraction as taught by Esther Hicks (Abraham), Patricia suggests that not only is there no place like a “green” house, but everyone deserves a mold-free and non-toxic roof over their head.

What would you do if you had two days to find a home in a city with only a 1.3% vacancy rate?


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