Super-Nature Heroes Chapter 46


My urban fantasy novel, Super-Nature Heroes features holy saints that reincarnate in modern Manhattan. They have returned to save the planet. I combined superheroes with Christian saints giving each of them super powers.

In chapter 46, Saints Teresa of Avila and Terese of Lisieux return as Siamese cats and they want to return to human form. They seek the help of Simon Magus. It was his doings that caused them to transform into cats in the first place!

  1. The Two Teresas Feeling Rather Catty And They Blame Their Situation On Simon Magus.

In yet another section of Manhattan, two Siamese cats lounge on a couch covered with their own hair.  The acrid smell from their litter box also causes the felines distress.

Teresa A. wonders if the former nuns had acted too hastily when they transformed into cats.  Although they approached Simon Magus with the strange request of being transformed into cats, he gave them a sales pitch they couldn’t resist.

“Just think of yourselves living a life of quiet contemplation among other people’s luxury.  Not only that, all your needs would be taken care of so you could pray all day.”

He went on to tell The Teresas that animals don’t accumulate karma.  When animals kill, fight or even scratch or bite their masters, they’re not held accountable.  Imagine that! It sounded so purr-fect at the time.

Simon forgot to mention to the nuns that animals don’t have the ability to become ascended masters.  He didn’t mention that they serve their masters even if they are served by the same masters.  As it was, he forgot to warn the nuns of the indignities that they would suffer such as the removal of parasites from their precious bottoms, other female cats wanting to pick fights with them when they go out to explore the rose garden, and those smelly litter boxes.  “Aye, Dios mios!”

Teresa L. wonders if they should have chosen to return as dogs or birds.  Also, why did they choose to come back as domesticated animals when they could have chosen to return as wild creatures? Sure the domestic situation has advantages such as food without hunting.

But cats love to hunt and it’s a drag when the masters trap the few mice that show up in the house.

It turns out that the cat’s life is boring.  Occasionally, the nanny from next door, (a friend of the maid), sneaks The Teresas out in a baby carriage and takes them to Central Park where she exposes the cats to different vibes.

During one of those trips to the park, The Teresas saw Brother Bernardo.  They couldn’t believe their eyes, seeing the Franciscan friar in the body of a greyhound!  Fortunately, Clare had him on a leash and he looked contemplative and serious.  Did he recognize The Teresas?

Then on another trip, Teresa A. saw Catherine walking her leopards.  Now those are the king of all cats, or so Teresa A. thinks.  Why didn’t she come back as one of those beasts instead of as a house cat? If only they had more time to think through their decision.  If only they could find Simon Magus and ask him to shift them back into humans.

And besides that, the nuns miss Clare.  The last time they saw their caretaker was the day an elderly couple adopted them.  They thought they would be able to return once a month for health visits, but their masters chose to take them to a posh cat clinic uptown instead.  They miss Clare’s sweet voice, the way she carefully measured out their food so that the lady cats could stay nice, trim, and active.  They miss Francesco’s daily sermons.

Even if they could leave their cloistered surroundings, they would get lost searching for the clinic.  And now the masters are considering adopting Jack Russell terriers.  Teresa A. told Teresa L. that she thought the days of torture had ended ages ago, but if even one Jack Russell arrives, they’ll be heading for trouble.

Both cats send telepathic messages to their masters regarding the weak qualities of Jack Russell terriers, but the elderly couple keeps searching and talking to dog experts and calling various shelters hoping to adopt these dogs.  They have also considered adopting a neglected toy poodle.

So the nuns, uh, cats, have decided to put their brains together because cat brains are rather small.  They send out telepathic messages to Simon Magus–trying to reach him through his dreams and visions.  They wish to be human again and to join Clare at the clinic where they can form a sisterhood.

However, trying to plow one’s way through the traffic jam of telepathic messages in Simon’s head proves an impossible undertaking.  The magician has opened himself up to channeling extraterrestrials and ancient masters.  The cats started concentrating heavily on finding a crack in the stream of telepathic traffic to send their message.  They must not give up their faith–their most powerful tool.

Teresa L. considered trying to send messages through the other saints. Francesco’s brain is also full of traffic and Jesus is easier to reach, but sometimes you have to knock for a long time at his proverbial door before you get an answer.

Magic Mary would be sympathetic, but Catherine seems the easiest to reach.  The problem is she adores cats so she might not sympathize.  And Jeanne seems too dogmatic.  They wouldn’t appreciate a speech from that hothead.  Oh, what to do?

This feline life causes the nuns to feel rather catty.  Just the other day, Teresa L. scratched her mistress.  She didn’t want to take another flea dip and no, she didn’t want her claws clipped.

Yet, she feels remorse for the welts she left on her mistress’ arm and for the tears that rolled down her face.  Thank Goddess, she won’t reap any karma.

Super-Nature Heroes by Patricia Herlevi, All Rights Reserved