Write it–Mercury, Moon & The Muse

DSCN2331We have two quick moving planets at our disposal–the Moon and Mercury.  You see the Moon changes signs roughly ever two and a half days taking 28 days to make a trip through the Zodiac.  Mercury takes less than a year to fly around the Zodiac delivering messages, and that includes its three retrogrades per year.  And I’m certain that ancient people followed these two planets in their mundane and spiritual lives.

Sadly, these days it seems that only practicing witches and astrologers follow the Moon cycles and of course, menstruating women recognize the 28 day cycle.  We only pay attention to Mercury when it travels backwards towards the Sun and the superstitious nonsense regarding Mercury retrograde (RX) has reached cult status proportions.  All planets except the orbs (Moon and Sun) retrograde and this just reflects a time of slowing down and journeying inward.  All great inventions and art comes from those inward journeys so anyone who chooses to manifest a legacy in the world needs to embrace retrograde periods.

First let’s look at the Moon, who I love to call La Luna (Spanish for the Moon).  The Moon is ruled by Cancer and we are all familiar with New and Full Moons as well as, eclipses.  In fact, the Moon makes headlines in our lives during these phases.  But did you know that as the Moon travels through the Zodiac signs, it changes the mood and tone of our daily lives? Have you ever noticed that people go through a phase where they are more expansive and generous, followed by a more fearful and limiting or just conservative phase? These phases last roughly two days.

You just experienced the Moon traveling through expansive Sagittarius and then transiting into the the more limiting (contraction) Capricorn.  Or perhaps you noticed that people were chatty and curious about every topic for two days and then they retreated into their shells for the next two days, then they came out of their shells, appeared in the spotlight and treated the world as a stage. The Moon had traveled through Gemini, Cancer and Leo.

Now, you can easily track the Moon’s travels by purchasing a planetary or moon guide, usually in the form of a desk calendar.  This puts you at an advantage because you’ll be two steps or more ahead of everyone who doesn’t bother to track the Moon phases and signs.  You’ll know when people are more gregarious, generous or stingy.  You’ll know when to ask for a raise (waxing Moon in Sagittarius or Libra) and when to lay low (waning Moon in Scorpio or any of the water signs).  You’ll have the pulse on your emotions and the emotions of the populace.  Anyone who works in public relations or advertising would do well to have this knowledge on hand.

The other quick moving planet, Mercury represents communication, siblings, cousins, short distance travel, thinking, communication and learning styles as well as K-12 education.  As it travels through the Zodiac signs it also reflects the style and tone of each of the signs.  Mercury in Libra has a more civil feel that Mercury in Scorpio and seems more practical in Capricorn than Aquarius or Pisces.

Archangel Gabriel akin to Mercury

While I’m not going to give you descriptions of the 12 Zodiac signs (that’s your homework), I will say that learning the basics puts you ahead of other people who ignore astrology.  People who work in the communication field or in education would do well to befriend Mercury.  In the Tarot deck Mercury represents the Alchemist or Magician.  Mercury power can be used for good or trickery; comes off as knowledgeable or deceitful.

People who practice manifestation intentionally would do well to learn about Mercury as it passes through each sign and how to use the retrograde periods.  I like to think of the retrograde periods as a valve shutting off and the flow of information coming to a halt so all that brain chatter stops.  This is a good time to retreat, not just into a quiet home but into a forested area away from technology.  Mercury is most likely to trick us when we are too full our false selves or listen to the outer world rather than to our own internal guidance.

So there you have it, two fast moving planets that can assist you in manifesting the life you desire.  Read up on Moon cycles and manifestation as well as, the phases of Mercury.  Purchase a planetary guide and use it to your advantage.  You’ll feel less like you’re struggling against the tide and feel more secure as you traverse both the inner and outer worlds.

Finally, my tip for writers, get to know Mercury because this planet will assist you with research, interviews, and the writing process.

If you would like astrology advice or a coaching session with planetary transits in mind, contact me through Whole Astrology and find metaphysical articles at Metaphysics 4 Everyday Living


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