Write It–Know Your Genres


Blame it on Meg Ryan.  Okay, so I leaned towards romantic comedy long before I became infatuated with Meg Ryan movies, but certainly watching French Kiss or When Harry Met Sally taught me about sharp and snappy dialogue.  Oddly, I didn’t watch the first movie mentioned until I had written three novels and referred only to French Kiss when I rewrote my similar novel Agnes and Yves.

Around the same time I watched Hollywood and international romantic comedies, I delved more deeply into magic realism, especially Isabel Allende’s early novels, Eva Luna and House of Spirits. And with my next two novels, (just completed Love Quadrangle and plan on writing a multidimensional novel in the near future), I’m blending magic realism with romantic comedy.  Though I’m not including my usual snappy dialogue and slapstick humor.  Those qualities didn’t fit well with my green (sustainable lifestyle) and metaphysical themes. As the world shifts its focus, so must the author.  Soul mate quests shine most brightly on the radar at this time and anything to do with angels and other dimensions.

Before Meg Ryan showed up on my radar, I watched old Katherine Hepburn movies and romantic comedies from the 1940s through 1960s.  Talk about sharp dialogue.  Both Meg and Katherine I noticed played journalists, which appeals to me.  There’s even that hilarious scene when Billy Crystal asks Meg Ryan’s character if she’s still a gymnast and she corrects him and says, “I’m a journalist.”  I get a lot of mileage out of that movie conversation.

So here’s my question to authors.  What’s your genre? How did you discover this genre? What most fascinates you about this genre and finally, how does humanity benefit from your work in that genre?

Another reason I write comedy and romantic comedy in particular, is because laughter provides medicine that boost the immune system.  When I say comedy, I’m not referring to dark humor, vulgarity or anything involving violence.  I’m talking about comedy with a feel-good ending or at least an open ending that leaves us with hope for the future.  My mission on the planet in all the work I do is to raise people’s vibration so that synchronicity brings them opportunities that lead them to fulfillment.  I have no plans to thrill or frighten anyone, which raise cortisol levels that leads to autoimmune disease.

And speaking of comedy, remember the movie, Patch Adam? Now, there’s a movie that has us laughing and crying at the same time, ditto for Dead Poets’ Society. Talk about cathartic release! But if I was stranded on a deserted island (hopefully without Gilligan and his friends), I prefer to watch the Meg Ryan movies.

Originally published on Bonjour Bellingham


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